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Watchface.JS demo

A useless library to fill the gap between mobile and layout breaks

Or a cool easter egg for responsive perfectionists.

Live demo:

How to use

Just call when you’re ready:

Watchface({options object});


  • id: Watch id, will be created if unexistent. Default: 'watchface'.
  • skin: Watch class name, if you want to customize via CSS.
  • mode: Watch style. Available options: 'digital' and 'analog'. Default: 'digital'
  • format: 12 or 24 hour format. Default: 12
  • band: show digital clock on smaller screens (<80px). Default: true
  • seconds: show seconds (digital and band clock). Default: false
  • icon: icon html for digital clock, could be image, svg, FontAwesome, etc.
  • customCSS: if true doesn't apply any CSS style
  • leadingZero: show leading zero on hours. Default: true
  • media: Values for media queries
    • watch: 280
    • band: 100
  • colors: Values for colors, could be any CSS format
    • background: #000 Watch background
    • text: #FFF Digital clock text color
    • analogBackground: #FFF Analog clock background
    • analogText: #333 Analog clock text color
    • pointers: #333 Analog clock pointers color
    • secPointer: #FC0505 Analog clock second pointer color
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